The Ironworks_illustration

The Old Ironworks is fast becoming Bend’s hippest and most exciting collection of shared, creatively focused work spaces. Originally built to services Bend’s timber and railroad industries, it now houses a thriving collective of artists, designers, bakers, and makers of all sorts.  The district has remained true to the over 100 year history that brought this place to life as early as 1912.   Due to The Old Ironworks prominent place in Bend’s history, little has changed here structurally, although we are constantly evolving artistically.  The original brick and mortar buildings provide testament to the fortitude and creativity which made Central Oregon as unique as our collective.

The Old Ironworks is already home to Armature – a creative space, Cindercone Clay Center, Stuart’s of Bend, The Sparrow Bakery and The Workhouse, and together we are beginning a new focus on community education with the Old Ironworks Arts and Culture Education Program.

We invite you to celebrate creative work produced right here in our community and examine part of Bend’s history, while discovering its future all here at The Old Ironworks Arts District.


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